Serphina Omollo is over 70 years old and has been a widow most of her life.  When her husband passed away, she was left with 8 children under her care. Some didn’t survive. Serphina’s life has been but a struggle and suffering in trying to make end‘s meet. She did not go to school, has limited skills and no income to be able to set up a small scale business. Because of her own financial struggles, she wasn’t able to provide good care and education for her own children so that she could help them lead a good life. She lives with 4 of her grandchildren and hustle daily to fend for them. “I am too old and weak to do manual labor, I depend on well-wishers for support”, she says, “Sometimes, I send the kids to the neighbours to ask for maize flour to make porridge and when we are not lucky we just go to bed with an empty stomach”. Her wish is to see her grandchildren get a good education so that they have decent lives in the future and don’t end up like her or their parents.

Serphina and her family are one of many families that we are hoping to help. Her story is all too common in this region.

Serfina Omollo is receiving her goat as one of the beneficiaries under the project “One Goat One Family “, during the project launch on October 29th, 2018.


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