Skills and economic empowerment project focuses on building the capacities of widows and vulnerable women to be self reliant. Women are trained on hand based skills like tailoring, hair dressing, basket making that will provide more livelihoods opportunities to generate income to support their families and improve their living conditions.

The women are also involved in weekly table banking. This is where they do savings and borrow money to help them support themselves.

The long term expected outcome is that the women set up small businesses or get employed with the trainings acquired to support themselves.


Table banking

-Skills trainingin tailoring, hair dressing, basket making

-Microfinance management (how to save and invest)

-Training on setting up small businesses

Profile Requirements

-Experience in women empowerment initiatives

-Some level of skills in microfinance

-Passionate and interested in women and community empowerment

-Team player

-Good in interpersonal skills